Continuous end-to-end cybersecurity assessment

Comprehensive risk posture management, on-prem and in the cloud


Continuous end-to-end security program awareness

Cyber Observer is a continuous end-to-end cybersecurity assessment platform. The platform reduces business losses and audit costs by leveraging technology that performs continuous monitoring and auditing using Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM) On-premises and in cloud (SSPM and CSPM).

Cyber Observer integrates dozens of the most popular security tools: On-premises (AD, FW, EPS…etc.), SSPM – SAAS Security Posture Management (Office 365, ServiceNow, BitSight…etc.) and CSPM – Cloud Security Posture Management (AWS, Azure, Google ) into a single intuitive interface that enables organizations to continuously monitor, manage and maintain alignment with their cyber security posture, cybersecurity best practices, secure business critical assets, and comply with regulatory frameworks.

Reduce Risk

Gain full visibility that assures your security posture

Reduce Complexity

Continuous security program and knowledge

Reduce Costs

Automate data, reporting, and tasks to save time and money


On-Prem Tools Status

Cyber Observer continuously monitors enterprise security and IT infrastructure tools to verify that they are well-configured, up and running, and performing their functions.


In-Cloud Tools Status

Cyber Observer continuously monitors CSPM – Cloud Security Posture Management (AWS, Azure, Google) and SSPM – SAAS Security Posture Management (Office 365, ServiceNow, Teams…many others) to verify that they are well-configured and secured.


Risk Posture Views

Cyber Observer identifies security gaps that exist and provides recommendations for fixing.


Security Coverage Status

Cyber Observer comes equipped with industry best practices and recommendations on cybersecurity coverage needed based on tools capabilities and thousands of Critical Security Controls (CSCs).


Behavioral Deviation Alerts

Cyber Observer’s analytics engine continuously polls all the deployed cyber and IT tools for highly valuable data and calculates the activities that represent normal behavior.


Continuous Reporting

Cyber Observer’s Reporting module provides updated information about enterprise cybersecurity tools status and risk posture.


Continuous Compliance

Continuous monitoring on how your organization is meeting international standards–such as NIST, ISO 27001, PCI-DSS and more–by continuously retrieving Critical Security Controls (CSCs) from your security and related tools.

Tools Status
Tools Status
Risk Posture
Security Coverage
Deviation Alerts

Pre-Built Assessments to Help Ensure Compliance

Seamless integrations with popular security tools

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Insights and News

“I’ve never seen a tool that visually delivers as much diagnostic information on system technologies-and in a manner that is very easy to see and understand-as Cyber Observer.  We have immediate visibility into the state of network tools and potential misconfigurations and know what action to take.”
– – Michael Berry, Director of Information Security and CISO, Kettering Health

“As defenders, we have access to an extraordinary array of security tools and technology, security standards, training and classes, certifications, vulnerability databases, guidance, best practices, catalogues of security controls, and countless security checklists, benchmarks, and recommendations. But all of this technology, information, and oversight has become a veritable ‘Fog of More.’ Critical Security Controls (CSCs) are a recommended set of actions for cyber defense that provide specific and actionable ways to stop today’s most pervasive and dangerous attacks”

“Cyber Observer empowers us to have full visibility into our network. It is easier for us to manage our cybersecurity assets and understand what has gone wrong within minutes. We are also able to identify any security gaps in our network and this has helped us to ease our daily workload”
– – Root Security

“Cyber Observer provides full visibility on the connected, critical infrastructure components and specific security assets, the continuous auditing reflects configuration and security gaps to be closed in a clear and easy to understand way.”
— Peter Van Lierde , CISO, Sibelga