4 Keys to comprehensive cybersecurity management a Remote Workforce

The COVID-19 outbreak has affected many aspects of our daily life. We are staying home, working remotely and communicating with our colleagues, partners, prospects, and customers using cloud-based solutions.

Remote work increases the risk of cyberattacks and strains CISOs and Security Teams to keep the organization’s cybersecurity posture healthy. Organization must consider real cybersecurity challenges in these challenging days.

Key factors that can ensure remote worker cybersecurity:

  • Make sure your current security and related tools are up-to-date and running. Keeping your Cybersecurity hygiene strong is critical for the remote work environment.
  • Comply with the latest security frameworks. Assure your security portfolio includes remote working access management, including use of personal devices, and updated data privacy considerations for employees to access documents and data.
  • Identify gaps in your security coverage, and close the gaps with solutions as required.
  • Beware on anomalous cybersecurity behavior deviations, and review the history and analytics.

Cyber Observer can help you manage your cybersecurity from home:


Cyber Observer is unified cybersecurity management and awareness solution, helping you manage the performance of your security portfolio, while continuously presenting, reporting and analyzing it in a single-pane-of-glass real-time view.

We provide you the most comprehensive information on your cybersecurity posture status and alert on critical security issues, directly to your home screen in real-time, all the time.

Get the most out of your cybersecurity tools and proactively manage your enterprise cybersecurity. Read more.

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