4 Layers of Cybersecurity

While organizations have fortified themselves with an abundance of security technologies, many of them struggle to determine their enterprise cybersecurity level. Therefore, companies are striving to develop an action plan to improve and meet compliance and enterprise security needs. Cyber Observer developed a unified single-pane-of-glass framework that displays performance data and provides proactive recommendations for improvement in near real-time.
Designed for CISOs & InfoSec Managers, Cyber Observer delivers end-to-end real-time cybersecurity posture & awareness with 4 layers of cybersecurity: Tools, Domains, Coverage and Behavior.

Tools: Based on the best practices of manufactures, we provide internal scoring on your current security configuration, functionality and optimization status of your tools.
Domains: Based on industry-recognized frameworks and Critical Security Controls (CSCs), we provide a near real-time internal scoring on overall cybersecurity posture across all security domains.
Coverage: Based on a given industry framework, we provide a security program for gap and risk mitigation management in your environment.
Behavior: While continuously leveraging near real-time monitoring on security tools and domains, we establish a baseline to provide alerts on deviations of cybersecurity posture across your environment.