CISOs: Stop Boiling the Ocean!

Comprehensive Awareness Management is a better option for comprehensive understanding of complex cybersecurity ecosystems

A recent Gartner article (paywall) discussing the value of their re-branded SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response) category highlighted an emerging problem that senior organizational cybersecurity leaders are struggling with: comprehensive & effective management of complex cybersecurity programs.

The problem has grown up around the ever-increasing list of 3rd party software tools that managers put in place to stay ahead of bad-guys and specific threats. We regularly see clients with upwards of a dozen security tools, both within and on the periphery of the organizational network: firewalls, privilege access control, SIEMs, vulnerability scanners, app security, web filters… the list goes on.

And that’s just the security layer. There’s still standard IT services that have to sit under and along-side security. And it all has to mesh seamlessly with geo, subnets, teams, risk management, HR, unique requirements based on service, business unit, endpoints… no wonder the CISO is the rising star in the C-suite: cybersecurity means dealing effectively with complexity.

Given that complexity, too many CISOs are themselves still reliant on manual management, even while the operational teams are implementing fancy-schmancy new vulnerability scanners and SIEMs.  But operational tools don’t provide the right capabilities for the CISO’s needs: simply understanding the big picture of what’s going on across your entire security ecosystem.

Cyber Observer is focused on providing that comprehensive awareness to senior infosec managers. While other companies try to regale customers with talk of AI crawlbots algorithm-ing your alert priority playbook – or whatever – Cyber Observer is focused on building a library of 3rd-party tool integrations to ensure you’ve actually got full visibility of your network in a single dashboard.

And with near-real-time monitoring of all the tools you’ve got deployed, we can focus on reporting the big picture, so CISOs can begin to get a handle of what the posture and maturity of their network actually is.

Think of Cyber Observer like a fitbit for your cybersecurity: Cyber Observer connects to your tool suite to continuously check the vitals of your entire network, delivering critical awareness and ensuring you’ve always got a handle on the health and preparedness of your security ecosystem and – if health checks come in below baseline – on whether something is wrong.

With Cyber Observer, you can see how well your tools are deployed, what sort of security coverage is lacking, how well various domains in your network are protected – and get recommendations about where you need to be devoting resources and budget dollars.

So instead of boiling the ocean and attempting to prioritize endless alerts and implementing playbooks and correlations to keep them at bay – cyber observer focuses on visibility and ensuring managers have the high-level understanding they need to effectively manage their security.

If you’ve got problems with comprehensive awareness of your cybersecurity ecosystem, request a demo with Cyber Observer and we’ll walk you through our management platform.

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