Coverage Gap Analysis – the third layer of cybersecurity

In the ever-changing threat landscape, Cybersecurity professionals are in a constant chase to provide better enterprise security. An abundance of security tools, along with a lack of budget and human resources, generated a huge hurdle.
To protect an enterprise, most CISOs are looking for new technologies and solutions to provide more comprehensive security against potential threats and attack scenarios.

Let me ask you some questions. Is your Cybersecurity getting better? Do you have enough budget and security professionals to manage your existing tools before adding new ones? Are you making the most out of your existing capabilities?

To address these questions and to deliver on-going Cybersecurity program capabilities, Cyber Observer created a unique
end-to-end cybersecurity posture and awareness platform that continuously monitors your cyber ecosystem while presenting
a near-real-time Coverage gap analysis.

Coverage Gap analysis is the third layer of Cyber Observer, designed and developed to indicate and present cybersecurity coverage gaps in currently deployed enterprise tools. Moreover, the platform proactively provides a list of lacking security capabilities for optimal cybersecurity coverage recommended by the industry.

The moment our platform is deployed in an enterprise network, Cyber Observer Server identifies and analyses capabilities of connected security tools. Cyber Observer automatically maps these capabilities into the pre-defined Security Domains, like Account Management, Network Security, Security Assessment, Data Security, Secure Configuration, Malware Defense, etc.
In general, the more Security Tools you possess, the more you are covered. In other words, the more security capabilities you possess in related areas, the higher is your Total Coverage Score.

Moreover, Cyber Observer provides a comprehensive visuality into uncovered security areas. It is the most essential information to generate better and more comprehensive cybersecurity awareness and maturity.
The third layer of Cyber Observer, Coverage Gap analysis, provides the highly accurate insights into enterprise cybersecurity to address its needs and requirements in the ever-changing threat

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