Enterprise Cybersecurity Posture with Cyber Observer Reporting

Cybersecurity performance is important for business success. IT team leaders, CISOs, SOC, auditors, risk officers and others generate reports to show cybersecurity gaps and vulnerabilities the organization faces, in order to manage and communicate enterprise cybersecurity posture to C-level management and board of directors.

In the past, when cybersecurity reporting was an annual task, creating reports manually was sufficient to visualize the state of cybersecurity to C-suite level management. This is not enough anymore.

Reporting today requires the most up-to-date information in real-time, all the time.

Cyber Observer Reports provide real-time views and information on the current status cyber defense tools, along with gaps within the cybersecurity posture.

Out of the box reports can include:

  • Cyber security and related tools status
  • Security Domains status and gaps
  • Executive Single-layer view report or multi-layer view report
  • Custom reports based on custom views
  • Filter the reports focusing on critical tasks/critical assets
  • View reports in tabular and graphical formats
  • Schedule delivery of customized reports to specific email addresses
  • Download PDF and Excel format reports to your computer
  • … and much more

Reporting feature enables CEOs and teams to quantify the risk within their organization and prioritize action needed.

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