Cyber Observer cited by Gartner in new Digital Risk Management Category

In new Digital Risk Management category, Cyber Observer cited by Gartner

Gartner recently released their latest Competitive Landscape on Integrated Risk Management (IRM) (paywall) solutions and has cited Cyber Observer as a vendor in one of its fastest growing segment.  The categories under IRM – heir to the oft-maligned GRC market – include audit, compliance, and the more-recently defined category of Digital Risk Management.

Digital Risk Management

Gartner defines Digital Risk Management as integrating risk management “specifically associated with digital business components… to help organizations collect and correlate data from multiple sources… to provide risk quantification and to score assets for remediation efforts and risk management needs.”

While this only describes a single aspect of Cyber Observer’s value offering, it’s a very close description none the less.  Cyber Observer connects to the entire cybersecurity, and related, tool suite to provide optimization and deployment analysis and real-time monitoring that delivers awareness to senior infosec managers to manage risk and provide comprehensive awareness to the behavior of their enterprise security.

Cyber Observer’s central management and reporting platform provides ratings for digital risk management for enterprises attempting to understand the state of their cybersecurity environment.  In discussing the category, the analysts describe DRM as collecting and correlating data from multiple sources such as vulnerability managers and configuration managers to provide risk quantification and to score assets from remediation efforts and risk management needs.

As a solution for large enterprises, Cyber Observer usually connects to at least 6 different data sources, and sometimes over a dozen. Most often these include a directory services manager (usually Active Directory), firewall, endpoint security, configuration management, web and email gateways, vulnerability scanner, identity manager, and more.

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