Doing a Cyber Security Assessment Annually? You Should Know This…

In our article titled, <<Every CISO Knows There’s A Problem – But Why Does Nobody Speak About It?>>, Shimon Becker, former Head of Information Security for an Intelligence Organization, recognized that the biggest issue in cyber security was timing and lack of continuous management.

Every CISO Knows There’s A Problem – But Why Does Nobody Speak About It?

Unfortunately, most organizations lack a hub that allows for continuous management, relying solely on external, annual cyber security assessment services to determine where their weaknesses lie. Although these assessments do add a small layer of protection to your organization, there’s more to it than meets the eye. If you fall within the majority who are not yet using around-the-clock monitoring and continuous alert systems, what, exactly, are you missing out on?

Are Cyber Security Assessments a Sufficient Form of Protection?

Organizations that use Cyber Security Assessments typically have their systems checked once per year. Some may splurge on multiple assessments – two or three assessments per year, maybe – but, the truth is, it does not really matter how many times these assessments are performed if they are discovering threats too late or if the recommendations that are provided are too outdated.

Assessments are expensive, time-consuming, and taxing each and every time. Assessments like these aren’t preventative. These assessments chase existing problems that have already come too close to infiltrating your systems instead of recognizing them immediately, honing in on those issues, and allowing you to concentrate your efforts on the most important risks.

Most of the time, when an organization needs to enlist the help that comes from a cyber security assessment, they know they lack a high-level strategy and have employees that are spread out too thin while working on many other security issues within the organization. The lack of targeted and continuous monitoring that comes with cyber security assessments allows for unnecessary exposure of unsecured networks, communication channels, and outdated systems.

What Happens When You Lack Continuous Monitoring?

The idea of annual cyber security assessments may make some organizations feel more secure about their protection, however, giving them this false sense of security could lead to dangerous outcomes for everyone involved. Assuming you’re well protected when, in fact, your network lacks the appropriate monitoring, could tempt you to let your guard down and cause even more issues in the long run.

The biggest issue with these assessments is the time lag between when a problem is detected and when It is remediated. This time lag can put your organization in grave danger, providing outdated recommendations for security concerns that evolve daily, hourly, or even by the minute. By the time you receive your assessment report, new issues have likely already developed while your team is still struggling to rectify the last set of issues that were discovered too late.

The Solution

Although it sounds scary to think about the dire outcomes that could arise from lack of proper monitoring, there is a solution: Cyber Observer is your answer.

Cyber Observer gives you the power to promptly monitor all of your cyber security information, all in one place. With continuous monitoring, alerts, tasks, and recommendations, not only will you put in less time and resources using Cyber Observer, but you will feel more connected, more confident, and more empowered than ever before. Because Cyber Observer focuses on pre-emptively identifying threats, rather than playing the “wait-and-see game” like an assessment, you’ll be able to stop the threats before they become a problem your organization can’t handle.

Now that you know the weaknesses involved in cyber security assessments, versus the strengths that you’ll gain from Cyber Observer, what would you choose?

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