Every CISO Knows There’s A Problem – But Why Does Nobody Speak About It?

The biggest challenge when it comes to the cyber world is that there are so many moving parts and so many different systems to manage that it’s too much for one CISO to handle. There are multiple points of entry for an unknown number of threats and way too many security tools and systems that require continuous maintenance. With all of this chaos, such a small number of security teams, and ever-increasing workloads, there is a lot of opportunity for problematic security issues.

Members of a security team are blindly working on managing their own tasks, siloed, without knowing what’s going on with anything else in the organization. Sadly, this is how most organizations work, but nobody seems to talk about it.

One of the main processes used by organizations to analyze their cyber security controls, as well as their ability to resolve weaknesses, is the Annual Cyber Security Assessment. This assessment, lasting from a couple of days to a few weeks, collects the necessary data, populating it into an Excel document that is then transferred to a report that includes actionable items and ways to improve your security measures. The problem is, not only is this assessment only completed annually, but by the time the report is presented (from weeks to months later), the recommendations could be irrelevant because security concerns change daily, or even hourly.

The time lag, as well as the outdated recommendations, create an unfortunate situation because organizations invest a lot of money in information security that they assume is sufficient only to find that their actions have been wasted because they weren’t able to resolve an issue in time. Shimon Becker, former Head of IT infrastructure division for a leading Intelligence Organization and CEO of Cyber Observer, recognized that the biggest issue in cyber security was timing and lack of round-the-clock management. He says,

“I noticed a problem in the field of cyber security and it was critical.

Where I come from, Information Security is equitable to human life – a breach can put many lives at risk. To combat these problems, you have to be vigilant – constantly alert, performing test after test to ensure everything is in working order. You need to try and think of every possible type of attack and every possible type of protection.

I wanted to give myself, and other managers, a gift – the ability to manage all the clutter that exists in cyber security departments on-premise and in-cloud. I wanted to take my vast knowledge about Information Security and apply it to the cyber world, where they have the very same acute and aggravating problems and where there are so many gaping holes in protection.

And that’s when Cyber Observer was born.”

Shimon and his team recognized a universal issue in cyber security and created a solution. Cyber Observer gives you the ability to expect the unexpected. When it comes to cyber security, the most important task is staying ahead of the threat instead of sitting, watching, and waiting for that threat to happen. Cyber Observer gathers and analyzes information from all of your on-premise and in-cloud cyber security tools and data sources, and provides you with continuous alerts and recommendations to give you the power to prioritize and have confidence in how your digital data is protected.

Cyber Observer’s round-the-clock monitoring and continuous assessment system is the solution to cyber security’s biggest challenge. If you’re a CISO that wants a solution to these challenges, it’s time to talk about it.


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