How it works

While organizations have fortified themselves with an abundance of security technologies, many of them struggle to determine their enterprise cybersecurity level. Therefore, companies are clamoring for a cost-effective way to improve and meet compliance and enterprise security needs. With Cyber Observer, they receive a unified, single-pane-of glass framework that displays performance data and provides proactive recommendations for improvement in real-time, all the time.

Cyber Observer Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM) and Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) platform reduces business losses and audit costs by leveraging technology that performs continuous monitoring and auditing using Critical Security Controls (CSCs) covering on-premises (AD, EPS, FW, Patch, etc.), cloud services (Office 365, ServiceNow, CrowdStrike, etc.) and Cloud Security Posture ManagementCSPM (AWS, Azure, Google).

Cyber Observer comes equipped with pre-built security views based on standards and industry best practices. Each security view includes security domains, each of which represent an area of security organizations need to secure (account management, network management, end-point management, secure configuration, etc.). For each security domain, Cyber Observer continuously retrieves CSCs) from the related tools implemented in the organization.

Cyber Observer’s core engine is very flexible and powerful and can support unlimited CSCs, retrieved from unlimited data sources (on-premises security tools, cloud tools and services, IT tools related to security, self-assessment data sources, etc.), unlimited security views, and unlimited users. Customers can copy and modify the out-of-the box security views, change views, security domains and the weight of CSCs, create unlimited new security views and security domains from scratch, and copy and paste the CSCs while changing poll intervals, parameters, and more.

Implementation of Cyber Observer’s core engine is quick and easy (virtual machine) and provides almost immediate value, taking just a few hours to connect to all of the tools. The core engine can be implemented on-premises or on your private cloud. Its scale-out feature is available to support integration within isolated networks and can correlate the security views into a MOM (manager of managers) view.