Cyber Observer at MindTheTech’19

Heading to Mind the Tech’19? Meet our VP Product and Co-founder Shimon Becker to discuss the future of cybersecurity with the management and awareness solution.

While organizations have fortified themselves with an abundance of security technologies, many of them are struggling to determine their enterprise cybersecurity level. Nowadays, it is challenging to develop an action plan for improvement to meet compliance and enterprise security needs with a reasonable investment. That is why we have created Cyber Observer’, says Shimon.

Cyber Observer is providing the best indicators as to the types of cybersecurity tools that are misconfigured, malfunctioning, and lacking. It is also revealing security gaps in security domains and delivers continuous proactive recommendations that need to be closed. Our analytics engine is continuously measuring the ecosystem’s behavior while alerting in case of deviation.

Looking for more information, ask Shimon at Mind the Tech.