Introducing Core Engine ver 2.0

Cyber Observer, provider of the near real-time single-pane-of-glass cybersecurity eco-system framework,  is excited to announce the release of our new Core Engine version 2.0.

Get improved functionality and greater control over how you see, manage and improve your cybersecurity program with a trove of new features across the platform, including:

Multi-layer views
Multi-layer views give users greater flexibility in customizing their dashboard. Enterprises can create nested custom views for frameworks, teams, or business units – each with discrete & customizable domains & CSCs.  For enterprises mapping to international standards, Cyber Observer can now precisely match branching frameworks like NIST.

CSC Flexibility
Critical Security Controls have gained powerful new flexibility in version 2.0 – you can now copy CSCs across to new domains, setting unique weights and thresholds for each. Users can also opt to create their own custom CSCs to ensure their priority information is being captured.

Expanded User Management Options
Get improved user management controls, including privileged views for your team members and custom CSC views that can be set to public, private, or technical.