[webinar] Cybersecurity Hygiene in a diverse cybersecurity tool ecosystem

93% of all breaches could be stopped by basic cyber hygiene. Securing today’s IT Infrastructure is a complex task as more organizations embrace the cloud and deal with security tool fragmentation. With these challenges, it becomes more difficult to ensure the cybersecurity hygiene of an organization across differing tools, spread across both the on-premises and the cloud environments. Understanding what constitutes strong cybersecurity hygiene and providing continuous monitoring of that hygiene, thus ensuring maximized ROI on already purchased tools, is more valuable than adding more tools to an already crowded ecosystem.

On this webinar, we will cover:

  • The basics of Cybersecurity Hygiene
  • Current Enterprise Ecosystems – security tool fragmentation
  • Steps to improve Cybersecurity Hygiene and maximize ROI
  • Standards and frameworks based view

Our Speakers: A. Kaufman (former role as CISO of Tnuva) and R. Casey Turner (Cybersecurity Solutions Architect at Merlin Cyber). For registration and more details click here…