cyber observer and merlin at GartnerSEC Cyber Hygiene Scoring

[GartnerSEC Summit’19] Real-time Cybersecurity hygiene scoring by Merlin

June 18, 12:40 PM – 01:05 PM | GartnerSEC Summit’19.
Seth Spergel, the VP of Emerging Technology at Merlin Cyber, will present ‘Real-time scoring of Cyber Hygiene‘.

Securing IT infrastructure is a complex task as more organizations embrace the cloud and deal with security tool fragmentation. 93% of all breaches could be stopped by basic cyber hygiene. Organizations need a consistent method of managing their hygiene and driving an improvement program” says Seth Spergel.

On this session, Seth will cover 3 key areas to focus on for strong cyber hygiene:

  • Security Tools Hygiene
  • Security Frameworks Hygiene
  • Critical Asset Security Hygiene

Cyber Observer is an agnostic cyber hygiene management platform that allows CISOs, InfoSec Managers and their teams the ability to gauge current security posture across all tools and security domains, regardless of the manufacturer. Cyber Observer intuitively provides clarity to organizations with fragmented security tool ecosystems and continuously monitors cyber hygiene. From information gathered by the different tools in an environment, Cyber Observer informs the organization when there is a deviation from established thresholds and baselines, across all tools in the environment.

Cyber Observer connects to each tool via its exposed interfaces (e.g., API access, LDAP queries, SQL queries, etc.) without the use of an agent, leveraging read-only access to gather information regarding Critical Security Controls (CSCs) from the tools. The CSCs can be focused on both the tool (from a manufacturer’s best practices), or on the security controls the tool is measuring (related to controls of industry-accepted frameworks) in the environment.

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