Cyber Observer partners with TechDirect

The partnership will deliver the power of the Cyber Observer platform to enterprise customers across the Asia Pacific.

Cyber Observer, the premier Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM) and Cloud Security Posture Management platform, announced a new and exciting distributorship with TechDirect Pte Ltd, a regional IT solutions specialist, to bring the Cyber Observer platform to companies across the Asia Pacific.

CISOs nowadays can get easily overwhelmed by the cyber fog that comes from managing dozens of security tools implemented across their enterprises and the cybersecurity threats that grow day by day.
Cyber Observer supports CISOs with its continuous end-to-end cybersecurity assessment. Pulling and connecting data from the various tools used and bringing it together on one easy-to-understand dashboard, to enable constant clear visibility for the cybersecurity teams on the security posture of the systems.

The cybersecurity is monitored and managed both on-premise and in-cloud.

  • Cyber Observer prioritizes remediation on security findings and produces the recommended steps for a high-quality line of defense.
  • It constantly alerts on any deviations from the expected behavior.
  • Provides the awareness of how the organization is meeting international cyber standards (ISO, NIST, SWIFT, PCI and others).

About Cyber Observer

Cyber Observer is the premier Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM) solution. The Cyber observer platform simplifies the way cybersecurity posture is monitored and managed on-premise and in-cloud.
Cyber Observer integrates and analyzes dozens of popular cybersecurity tools and provides alerts and recommendations, saving you time and resources and enabling continuous best-in-class security management.
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