Do you know the status and capabilities of your cybersecurity tools?

Do you know the status and capabilities of your cybersecurity tools? According to Ponemon Research findings, organizations are investing heavily in cybersecurity solutions and technologies. Unfortunately, an abundance of security tools does not ensure us full security coverage against potential hacks and malicious attacks. Moreover, most IT teams indicate their uncertainty in an enterprise cybersecurity portfolio’s performance as to be expected.

The research exposes challenges that the industry is facing:

  • On average, companies deploy 47 different cybersecurity solutions and technologies. Sadly, more than half of IT experts have no confidence in their organization’s current security portfolio capabilities to stop data breaches 
  • 56% of IT experts state the main reason for data breaches is a lack of visibility into their security program operations.
  • Only 41% of IT experts assume that their IT security team is effective in determining, and close IT security infrastructure gaps.
  • 75% of IT experts state their IT security team is incapable of responding to security incidents within 1-day.



Based on these findings we may say that the state of cybersecurity is at high risk and is inevitably getting worse from year to year. Although there are many challenges to face in the cyber ecosystem, we believe that a holistic approach and continuous monitoring are real game-changers.

Cyber Observer developed a single-pane-of-glass management solution displaying performance data that provides improvement recommendations in real-time. This single view of enterprise-wide cybersecurity allows organizations to deliver the level of security required, meeting both compliance and business risk needs. Our goal is to provide in-depth visibility into your posture and maturity for better cybersecurity.

We believe that everything starts with basics: your security tools status’ and their security capabilities.

Security Tools Management

To improve and raise your Cybersecurity posture you don’t need to invest endlessly in new security tools.
Continuous Tools Status of Cyber Observer provides you with real-time analytics and recommendations for improvement:

  • Tool misconfigurations based on the manufacturer and industry best practices
  • Tool misfunctioning and update issues
  • Tool privileges and password management

Full visibility into your Cybersecurity portfolio performance

Based on industry-recognized frameworks and Critical Security Controls (CSCs), Cyber Observer provides real-time assessment of all your security domains as well as recommendations to improve. 

Cyber Observer divides an overall security framework into security domains based on worldwide security institutions (SANS, ISO, and NIST).

Cyber Observer’s Critical Security Controls (CSCs) are fundamental data, processes and actions that every enterprise should employ to prevent, alert and respond to the cyber attacks.

Your Coverage Status

Based on a given industry framework, Cyber Observer provides an on-going cybersecurity program, gap analysis, and risk mitigation management to enhance your security environment. Coverage Gap analysis indicates and presents cybersecurity coverage gaps in currently deployed enterprise tools. Moreover, the platform provides a list of lacking security capabilities for optimal cybersecurity coverage recommended by the industry.

A deviation from Normal Behavior

Leveraging real-time monitoring of security tools and domains, CyberObserver’s core engine provides continuous analytics and alerts in case of deviation from normal behaviour. Security status across an enterprise is quantified and presented in clear, easy-to-read views. 


Although the reality is challenging, and a future is not promising to be better in terms of cybersecurity threats and malicious attacks, we are here to help you realize your cybersecurity state, its capabilities and provide you recommendations for improvement.