The Fourth Layer of Cybersecurity

Deviation from Normal Behavior

As much as it would be nice if hackers could give us a bit of a break, new threats show no sign of slowing down, and they’re not going to. Although we are spending more on cybersecurity, and most enterprises utilize more than 70 solutions, we are still vulnerable to cyber attacks.

The constant chase to be fully covered and protected is becoming a Sisyphean task. We try to focus on detecting behavioral abnormalities in enterprise security posture and prevent a potential breach. For this reason, Cyber Observer developed the fourth layer of cybersecurity – continuous monitoring of deviations from normal behavior.

IT and security teams deal with a flood of data from a very complex IT infrastructure, it may take months to know that something went wrong in most cases, and the damage accumulates.

Cyber Observer analytics engine continuously calculates on-line measurements that represent normal behavior, and then alerts when the behavior deviates from normal. This enables stakeholders to:

  • easily identify weaknesses
  • reduce mean-time-to-detect
  • prevent breaches
  • advance organizational cybersecurity posture and maturity

With the Forth layer of cybersecurity, you can proactively recognize potential attack vectors and mitigate risks before attackers gain a foothold. Maintaining normal behavior puts you firmly in control of securing your organization.

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The Cyber Observer platform is ideally suited to provide CISOs and security teams, providing continuous visibility into their enterprise cybersecurity posture: coverage gaps, misfunctioning tools, abnormal deviations and more.

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