The first layer of Cybersecurity – Continuous Tools Status

While organizations have fortified themselves with an abundance of security technologies, there is a need for near real-time visibility into the configuration and operation status of security tools, as a first-line-of-defense.

Four questions to ask your organization.

  1. How do you know that your security tools are properly configured and functioning? 
  2. Do you score their functionality?
  3. Are your tools up to date?
  4. How many admins have full access to your security tools?

Cyber Observer has addressed these questions with a unified single-pane-of-glass framework that out-of-the-box displays performance data, internal scoring and provides continuous actionable recommendations for improvement in near real-time.

Connected to enterprise IT security and related tools via their management applications (by API), Cyber Observer continually collects, evaluates and displays tools performance data by retrieving and analyzing Critical Security Controls (CSCs).

As an integrated awareness and visibility management tool, Cyber Observer provides you with a proactive ongoing security program to keep and improve your cybersecurity line-of-defense.

To improve and raise your Cybersecurity you don’t need to invest endlessly in new security tools. Continuous Tools Status of Cyber Observer provides you with near real-time analytics and recommendations for improvements to accelerate your current line-of-defense for:

  • Tools misconfigurations based on the manufacturer and industry best practices
  • Tools misfunctioning and updates issues
  • Tools privileges and password management

As the first layer of Cybersecurity, Continuous Tools Status of Cyber Observer is your first-line-of-defense!