Asset Management

The Problem: Organizations implement dozens of different security tools from different vendors to secure their digital data and IT environments. But verifying that those tools are well-configured, in line with industry and vendor best-practices, and implemented correctly is extremely difficult and time consuming.

The Solution: Cyber Observer continuously monitors enterprise security and IT infrastructure tools to verify that they are well-configured, up and running, and performing their functions. This includes module issues, policy issues, agent statuses, scanning issues, licensing statuses, and much more.


Risk Posture Monitoring

The Problem: The challenging cybersecurity landscape of today comes with an over-abundance of cybersecurity tools. As the number of breaches proliferate, so too do the solutions and technologies designed to stop them. Organizations worldwide are spending more money than ever on new technologies and solutions but finding that managing their cybersecurity is only getting more complex.

The Solution: Cyber Observer empowers security and risk management leadership with a continuous unified dashboard of their organizations’ entire cybersecurity ecosystem. This enables their teams to easily identify weaknesses, reduce mean-time-to-detect (MTTD), prevent breaches, and advance organizational cybersecurity posture and maturity.


Vulnerability Prioritization

The Problem: Organizations lack efficient ways to qualify the severity of their risks or prioritize the protection of their most critical or high-value assets.

The Solution: Cyber Observer enables organizations to create specific, customized views based on their critical business assets. Security and risk management executives can modify polling intervals, weights of criticality, and thresholds per asset. Customizable, IT-team specific asset views provide instant and comprehensive pictures about security status based on remote work, regions, domains, various services, and specific organizational functions that serve them (e.g. billing, production line, HR, etc.).


Compliance Auditing

The Problem: Organizations need to comply with a multitude of industry security standards, regulations, and frameworks (e.g. ISO, NIST, PCI, CIS, and many others). It takes endless effort to navigate the complexity and gather information from so many disparate data sources and keep it current.

The Solution: Cyber Observer delivers comprehensive awareness about how your organization is meeting international standards: NIST, ISO 27001, PCI-DSS and more, by continuously retrieving data from various security tools. Out-of-the-box self-assessment sheets deliver ongoing compliance visibility that saves time and effort, and most importantly, provides organizations with valuable, actionable cyber data directly from the relevant tools.


Board Reporting

The Problem: Organizations need to continuously report to board members, C-level management, auditors, risk officers, and other stakeholders about their cybersecurity status and posture. It takes significant coordination, effort, and time to prepare these reports.

The Solution: Cyber Observer’s Reporting module automates this laborious process. The module provides updated information about an organization’s cybersecurity tools, standards and compliance status, and security posture. The reporting engine produces reports in tabular and graphical formats that can be customized with multiple business-centric filters, scheduled and delivered to specific email addresses, and downloaded in PDF and CSV formats.